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Six hundred students and 200 parents attended The Silver Ring Thing on February 17. This event promoted purity and chastity to teens.


"I was a day captain for 40 days for life and I had a volunteer with a sick child. After calling a few people to replace her I decided it was best for me to go out there. So I went to the North Clinic and prayed. I did not want to be there, but I prayed for God to keep me from being so selfish.

"I saw a car pull up and a woman get out. The car left her there and as she walked into the clinic I could see she was pregnant. I knew they would kick her out if they were performing abortions. They don't want any reminders of the fact that these are babies inside the clinic. Not little children and not pregnant women who are showing.

"She came back out and sat down at the table they have outside the clinic and I waved at her. She waved back and I told her that I had some information for her about other choices she had. She walked up to me and took the information and said she was waiting on a ride. By then there were 2 or 3 other volunteers out there praying so I called the Vitae Clinic and told them the situation. She was in need of a pregnancy test. She was showing but was still in denial that she was even pregnant. They said they could see her and I offered her a ride. On the way to the Vitae Clinic she spoke about the baby as being "it"and how "it" would be a shock. When we got to the Vitae clinic we were welcomed with warm smiles. They took her back for her exam all the while treating her with kindness and no judgment at all. When she came out of the exam she was beaming and had an ultrasound of her baby. Now she spoke about her child as "the baby". She was having a boy and she was so happy. She was even thinking about names as I gave her a ride home. That is the power of an ultrasound." – Leti

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"Dear John Paul II Life Center: We will finalize our adoption next week and that would not be possible without the JPII Life Center. You provided for him and helped bring him into this world and into our family. Words cannot express the love and joy he has brought us. I’m certain in your first year you have had many moments when it was clear you were doing God’s will, but for any moment that provided doubt, please look no further than the enclosed picture. I have never witnessed the hand of God working through man so perfectly. Thank you." -- (Name withheld for privacy)

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